What is ESP System?

ESP System - Now Completely Free!

ESP System is a mobile application that pairs with your PC to act as data logger.
Once paired, your device will send Motion, Light, and Sound informationto your desktop or laptop computer.
Your PC will then monitor what is happening around your device and can perform actions when something happens near your device.
ESP System can also mute volume, lock your PC, or even close and open applications when the alarm is triggered.

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The Heart

ESP System turns your Androidâ„¢ device into a personal data logger. ESP System sends data about your phone's surroundings - Motion, Sound, And Light to your PC while you watch.

This is ESP System's hand-made companion app for PC. All of your settings and events will be customized from here.

Brilliant Invention

Here are the features that make ESP System a game Changer

  • Motion Sensor

    ESP System monitors the motion of your device. Even the smallest vibrations can be detected to notify you.

  • Sound Sensor

    ESP System monitors the sound level of your device's surroundings. This is a very powerful tool for many uses. This measures sound level, not actual sound ensuring the privacy of you and others around you.

  • Light Sensor

    ESP System uses your device's built in light sensor on Android, and the front facing camera on iOS.

  • Minimal Design

    No Fluff. Nothing that isn't needed. ESP System was designed to be as simple as possible on your device, and powerful on your PC.

  • Layered Security

    Using obfuscation and the latest 256-bit encryption, the data being sent from your device is secure. Also, there is no real data to use. Just levels of vibration, light and sound.

  • Learn More

    Download ESP System and test drive it to learn more about the power of knowing your environment.