icon About us

  • 1. Mobile Experiences.

    Unique, effective applications that are designed specifically for mobile platforms.
  • 2. Desktop Experiences.

    Powerful desktop applications to take advantage of your creativity.
  • 3. Honest Delivery.

    No hidden meanings or software. Just Good, Honest, Features.

Why we standout in a crowd?

  • Project Selection

    The Novelogic team has a method for project selection. Ensuring that we only participate in projects that are in tune with our abilities and motivation. Leading to better software with a passion.

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  • Philosophy

    Novelogic's team believes that truly great software only comes from passionate developers. In that light, Novelogic is second to none.

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  • Core Ideas

    Just because something has the title "Cutting edge", it doesn't mean that's a good thing. We strive to use the BEST technology for the specific project, not just what is new.

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icon The Team

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    Jonathan Founding Partner - NovelogicDirector of Digital InnovationSoftware Engineer

    "The ability to learn is now a rare gift. Those who have it, should use it often."

    Jonathan posesses a diverse knowledge of many things. From Physics to software development he is always learning.
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    JamesFounding Partner - Novelogic Creative Director

    "Check liver light now permanently on....... Achievement Unlocked"

    Creative visionary - well ahead of the curve and completely out of the box. The rules do not apply because there is always a way... James will find THE way.
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    ChrisFounding Partner - Novelogic Director of Software ArchitectureSoftware Engineer

    "If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. If it seems difficult, someone made it that way."

    Chris enjoys creating and experimenting with music, writing, electronics, and computers. Carries a great passion for his growing family.